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Submission guide

  • Set up your pages with 1-inch margins at the top and bottom and 1.25-inch margins on the sides.


  • Use 12-point Times New Roman typeface.


  • Double-space and flush left the lines of type.


  • Put only one space between sentences and no extra space between paragraphs.


  • Put the title and your last name at the top left margin (set up as a Header).


  • Center page numbers on the bottom of the page (set up as a Footer). 


  • Begin numbering with the first page of Chapter One and continue the numbering throughout the manuscript. Don’t begin each new chapter with page 1 again. Chapters should be numbered consecutively.


  • Start new chapters five inches down the page.


  • Include a one-page synopsis with a novel (single-spaced).


For fiction, you should send me a brief synopsis of your story (no more than a page, single-spaced) and a brief description of your main characters. For nonfiction books, include a Chapter Outline. This is a list of the chapters by title with a brief summary of each one’s contents (single-spaced).  


E-mail submission

Send your properly formatted Word file by e-mail as a single attached file.



Checks or money orders should be made payable to Paul Thayer. Personal checks have to clear before I begin my work.


Turnaround time

Once I begin work on your book, the turnaround time is about 14 days for a complete reading/critique of a full-length manuscript of 70,000 to 80,000 words. Line editing usually takes a little longer. I am unable to accept rush projects. If you aren’t ready to submit your manuscript but would like to reserve a place on my work calendar, send a deposit of one-half of the quoted fee. The balance should be submitted later with your manuscript.



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